Amanda Taylor-Dustin Wright Wedding Album

Amanda Taylor-Dustin Wright Wedding Album

Jonathan and Lauren Wedding Album

Jonathan Williamson & Lauren Riley Wedding Album

I've been very lucky to photograph some brides who belonged as much on a runway as they did in a church and Lauren Riley is no exception. Her strapless, form-fitting dress was breath-taking, as I'm sure you can see. She and her new husband Jonathan were a lot of fun to work with. The wedding was simple and eloquent inside the Grandview Assembly of God Church in Elk City.
The job of the wedding photographer, in part, is to observe. To know the right moment to snap a shot, but also to be in key with who is comfortable with who. Often at these weddings I can feel tension between family members, including in-laws. However, this was not the case at the Williamson/Riley Wedding. It was heart-warming to me how naturally these two families have come to love each other.
And this is really important because in August Jonathan will be deployed to Iraq. While I normally pick some decoration or song to blog about specifically, on this occasion, I want to write about the heart-warming moment when Jonathan danced with his mother Jo. Jo has been a friend of my mother's for a long time, so I know how she has centered her life around her sons. Jonathan is the baby.
Watching the two of them arm and arm, the mother staring up her adult baby boy bound for war, I wondered how I would hold myself together in this place. Regardless of your opinion about this war, I can tell you this was one of the most poignant, poetic moments of my life. Mothers have been sending their children into harm's way for causes greater than themselves since the beginning of time. I could see their mutual love, the mother and son. And from that, I could tell he will also be a devoted husband. Honestly, I just felt like I was in a very sentimental movie.

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Okay, you can click on the albums here and actually buy a print. Now, this isn't some site that pays me a commission or something for each print you buy. No, this is just a way for families of the bride and groom to get their own prints. After a wedding, there are so many things for the newlyweds to do, thank-you cards, settling their new home, etc., etc. Not all the photos from the wedding will be uploaded, although I can add others if there is one you remember me taking and want. These albums will be comprised mostly of the staple photographs.
There are 3 different printing providers available, so you can pick the one you want. I think they are all around $.19 per print. Again, I don't make any extra money off this. Really this is just a way for me to display my photos while providing one more service to my couples.

Kassie Jackson & Mike Lee Wedding Album

Kassie Jackson & Mike Lee Wedding Albun

Patsy & Frank's Engagement Photos

On Thursday, Frank Sullivan and his future bride Patsy Beard made the drive to Roger Mills County for their prairie engagement photos. With a combination of local architecture (yes, I said architecture) and the wide open range, we capture a wide variety of black-and-whites and portraits. The couple will exchange vows in July.

Well, I figured the perfect wedding to kick this section off with would be Kassie Jackson's nuptials to Mike Lee. As it is, Mike may be one of the nicest guys I've ever met, so those of you who know Kassie, know that she married a great man.
Now, if there's one thing that Kassie's wedding drove home, it's venue, venue, venue! There I said it. Wedding photographers can make any location work, but it sure doesn't hurt when the place has probably been a photo shoot or two for some top fashion magazine. On May 25, Mike and Kassie exchanged vows at the Farmers Market in downtown Oklahoma City. Even from the outside, the gems of this old, historic building can be seen. But, once I got inside, the possibilities for photos just kept rolling. Literally every window, corner, door well, hidden bathroom and balcony held unique potential. I was like a kid in a splendid candy store.
Also, it never hurts when a bride is gorgeous. And, Kassie was. She was timeless and breath-taking. The decor of the wedding was simple, eloquent and modern.
Often times I suggest a possible photo to a bride and I saw see her concern instantly. You know, like sprawl out in that wheat field or lay down in those stairs. And, I understand their concern. After all, the dress they are in is their wedding dress. It's expensive and I totally understand the desire to preserve it. However, I can't help but ask. What if I didn't and they didn't mind doing whatever I was asking for the sake of a good photograph. Well, Kassie was every wedding photographers dream. Everything I asked, she did eagerly and excited. She wanted good photos and she's gonna get them.
With a venue full of endless photographic potential and a bride more pumped to take each shot than I was, I came out with some good work.
Without a doubt, Kassie and Mike had one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been to. From the lights and Chinese lanterns cascading the ceiling to tables with crisp linens, calla lilies and candles (with which Brooke and Lyndi nearly sparked a five alarm fire) to the timeless bride and groom, it was a perfect wedding.

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